Faith in action

April 17, 2018 Author 4

True belief will always spur people into action. The other side of this statement follows that lack of action can often be rooted in some […]

Takin’ it to the streets

October 19, 2017 Author 2

Did you ever notice in the David and Goliath account that David was not summoned to fight the giant? There was no draft, no direct […]

Who do you think you are, anyway?

September 20, 2017 Author 4

Identity crisis. You’ve been there, got the T-shirt, bought the coffee mug. Why I am here? What am I supposed to be doing with my […]

An abandoned storage unit

May 7, 2017 Author 8

Psalm 30 and 2 Corinthians 4:9 both speak to the believer who knows in his or heart that the LORD reigns and that He alone […]