I have spent most of life trying to do things my way. Plans were for me to plan. Decisions were for me to decide. Unfortunately, my plans and my decisions, regardless of how knowledgeable or prepared I was about any given subject or circumstance, more often than not, crashed into a brick wall.

That didn’t work out too well.

What I found out was that there had always been a path designed just for me and it wasn’t as big of a secret as I had once imagined. In fact, I had first been introduced to the best way to live life best as early as five or six years of age. Problem was I didn’t much recognize that old thick book that my grandmother carried around everywhere was the key to my future.

It would take me nearly 30 years to figure out that the Word of God was designed to direct my path, and not toward destruction and destitution, but rather toward abundance and joy.  Finances. Relationships. Health. Parenting. Decision-making. Education. Life. All would rise and fall on my obedience to and reverence for the Word of God.

Today, when people ask me for advice or for my opinion on a matter, I am compelled to craft my response in deference to God’s Word. Why? Over and over again, I’ve seen His Word bring me from death to life, poverty to prosperity, valleys to mountains.

His Word proves itself over and over again.

And that is what has birthed this blog: My poor pathetic life without the Word and my amazing, victorious life with the Word of God.

Don’t believe me?

Read it. Learn it. Prove it. Share it. Wordly Living works!