Takin’ it to the streets

Did you ever notice in the David and Goliath account that David was not summoned to fight the giant? There was no draft, no direct order or plea to him specifically to stand against Israel’s foe. Rather, David took the battle to the Philistine for one simple cause: to kill the enemy of David’s God.

I love how David only heard of the giant and his railings against God’s people, and this was all that it took for something in David to rise up to action. Saul had called on David many times to play his harp and usher in a calming spirit as well as to bear his armor, yet Saul had never called David to the battlefield.

David heard of an enemy of the Lord, and with confidence in God alone, David confronted the enemy on the battlefield with no fear or intimidation. In fact, so confident was David in defeating the enemy that he refused the traditional means of combat (shield, spear, helmet, etc.). David stood in the midst of the valley with a heart for God and assurance that the enemy was already defeated.

We have a sling and a stone ourselves–that is, the spirit and the word which is Jesus (John 1:1). A sling harnesses power by centrifugal force—a central, stirring of power from within, similar to a tornado. Like a rushing mighty wind the kind that fell on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost is our power within—a gift that has already rendered the enemy defeated. The stone in the NT is the “cornerstone, which the builders set at naught,” that is Jesus Christ himself.

Like David, we are fully equipped, albeit with non-traditional armor and weapons, to confront the enemy on the battlefield. Why then do we wait to engage? When David only heard of the trespass of the enemy, he took to war. Conversely, we often wait until the enemy has come into our territory, wreaked havoc in our lives, and is near destruction of all that we have gained in Christ, to even consider putting on the armor of God. Spiritual warfare requires us to equip ourselves with the word of God daily and stir the gift of the Holy Spirit within us to go to the battlefield with victory already in hand. The enemy is defeated. We need only call on the name of Jesus, our Victor, and silence the enemy with our sling and the Stone.

What is the enemy threatening in your life today? How close will you let the enemy of your soul trespass into your territory? I pray you go now to take dominion over the enemy, bind his influence over your life, and loose the power of the Almighty God. Take your sling and stone to where the enemy lay in wait and return to your territory declaring, “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! Blessed be the name of the Lord!”


  1. Great read and reminder that we must be armed with God’s armour as we sit in our house or walk out our doors. Takin it to the streets!

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