The key to purpose

A means to an end. Why does this phrase always seem to get a bad rap? I often hear it applied negatively to justify an undesirable. For example, “I had to drop that person from the team. It was a means to an end.” The end justifies the means is another way of saying the same thing, again often excusing the doer from an otherwise unwise or unkind action.

Today, I came across an Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast that succinctly described purpose as a means to an end. In fact, Stanley says that if you are not prepared to be a means to an end, then you are not prepared to live in purpose (paraphrase). I’ve never heard purpose described this way. The podcast is short and sweet, but may be the answer you have been waiting for. What is purpose?

Listen in and let me know your thoughts. It could prove a worthy discussion.


  1. Thanks for sharing this very important topic. I did not fully understand it until taking the Equipping class 2. God uses people in different ways. Some after they have completed the work were killed, beheaded and so forth. God decides our use. When we know it is happening, we might get frustrated, disappointed, angry. Our ultimate life purpose is to further the gospel and help humanity. He has already preordained how to use us. When we say Yes, a lot of things we do will not benefit us, but we must be willing to pay the sacrifice so HIS will is accomplished.
    God bless.

    • Purpose Institute ( does a good job of teaching servanthood leadership, which can sometimes feel like more sacrifice and less blessing. This podcast awakened me to seeing the blessing in the sacrifice—a concept that can only truly be embraced and lived out fully through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

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