3 Ways to Gauge Your Christian Walk, Part Two

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Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. -Psalms 24:12

Take a look at your iCal or planner. What did you do last week? Where did you go last month? Can you see God in your days, weeks, months? Were you able to squeeze Him in more often than Sunday morning?

In Part One of this series, we considered our clock as a way to gauge our Christian walk. How have you been intentional about your daily scheduling of God things, rather than merely good things?

Calendars have numbers for each day, but the LORD entreats us is in His Word to properly prepare our calendars for His work. Of course, we need to go to work to make a living or school to increase knowledge. There are necessary tasks that require our attention, but somehow we often fill in the empty days and times with less of God and more of this world. Worse, we lack empty days at all because we have allowed the world and our own worldly desires to rule and reign over our life through our calendars.

Paul’s concern for the Galatians as much stands for us today: Now that you have come to know God . . . how can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, whose slaves you want to be once more. You observe days and months and season and years (ESV 4:10-11)!

Let us not be like the Galatians who after receiving the Gospel soon after returned to the ceremonial laws, the worldly customs and schedules, of those in opposition to living life according to God’s Word.

I have learned as I grow closer to God through His Word and prayer, to place my calendar under subjection to and authority of my Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. More than the daily time that we considered in Part One of this series, our calendar of weeks and months must be intentionally driven by God’s plans.

What does this look like? For starters, scheduling vacations around ministry and church events and planning special times to outreach and fellowship with the church, the body of Christ. As Jesus likened our relationship with Him in many of his teachings to that of a bride and marriage, so can we consider here our calendar as not being our own, but one jointly valued and under the authority of our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

He allows us so much more time in this world than we deserve. Are we not required in His Word to give him 10% of our increase (more on that later)? Can we not give him more than a tithe, but an additional offering of our calendar as our increase of time that He so graciously bestows upon us?

What might your life look like if, starting from a blank calendar, you first filled in the following?

  • Sunday service
  • Midweek service/Bible study
  • Special outreach events
  • Church clean-up day
  • Hospital visits

Then, taking it a step further, measure how many days of each week or month that you give to worthless pursuits and entertainment. Keep in check that these calendar slots not overbear those God appointments and pursuits.

Without fail, when we put God first, seeking Him and his righteousness, before any and all things (Matt. 6:33), He will pour out his blessings upon us so that they overflow into more than enough.






    • Me too! I try to keep my calendar open enough for the Lord to have his way, but it can get challenging sometimes. Hope you’re able to see changes in your life by intentionally scheduling God time. Thanks for the comment.

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