Our Best Hope

Much of life happens naturally.

When you’re sad, you cry. When you’re happy, you laugh. When you’re lost, you get directions. When you’re sick, you see a doctor. And often, you can go from emotion to emotion, task to task, and decision to decision without thinking much about the big picture.

It usually takes a crisis or two for us to wake up and realize we don’t have to let life pass us by in a series of broken relationships, failed tasks, and poor decisions. For me, personally, there have been several low points in my life, each bringing me into a deeper understanding of my need for something greater in life. Through each crisis, I learned that the Word of God was my best hope.

Live Intentionally

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. – Psalms 37:23

Intention is purpose, yet the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s no wonder we lose so many days, years, decades to that dreary road of intending to live right and be good, with little fruit to show for our labor. The Apostle Paul relates to our present predicament in Romans 7:19, confessing, “For I do not do the good I want, but I do the very evil, I do not want!” (NET)

So, each day we have to seek intentionally the path that God has made for us. His will is found in His presence, in prayer, in His Word. To intend to do good is not enough to live a Wordly life. The Word calls us to purpose to do God things. Since we cannot tell the mind of God, we must pray each day (yea, even throughout the day) for God to order our steps, prepare our hearts and minds to follow His plan, and set our mind on His intent rather than our own.

Live Expectantly

The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide – Psalms 37:31

When we live according to His Word, we can and should live expectantly of the promises that His Word contains. Some estimate the number of promises in the Bible to be about 5000, while others estimate over 8000 divine promises exist in Scripture. Regardless of the number, pick one, two, 100 of them to cling to. Living intentionally in the Word, choosing each day to abide by God’s commandments and serve His purposes first, will always bring about God’s blessings in life. In fact, the Psalmist proclaims the good man, whose steps are ordered by the Lord, will not even so much as slide, meaning change gradually to a worse condition or lower level (New Oxford American Dictionary).

Pray Effectively

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. – 1 Pet 3:12

Pray then, not for the blessings of God, for they have already been sent forth through His Word. Instead, pray the Word, that we:

  1. Keep the law of God in our hearts (that we might not fall) – Psa 37:31
  2. Seek first His righteousness (so that our needs will be taken care of) – Mat 6:33
  3. Remain faithful and obedient (so that we shall inherit His promises) – Heb 6:12

…for starters, anyway!

Make your prayers personal to your life. What is heavy on your mind today? What’s that one challenge you can’t seem to overcome? That one situation that keeps landing you in that awful place?

Wordly Living Challenge 

Identify three areas or situations in your life where you desire change or answers from God. Do a Bible search (www.biblegateway.com, www.biblehub.com, www.e-sword.com) for keywords related to your list, either the problem or desired solution. Write down the verses you find, then begin to meditate, obey, and pray those verses daily. If you want to share or need help with finding verses, please post a Comment or email Wordly Living.

The point is this: To live a good life, to expect the blessings of God, we must know, pray, and live His Word. Our best hope is our only hope–the Word of God! It saves us, sustains us, and secures us in His Kingdom.

As always, we’re always interested to know…:What are you reading in the Word today?


  1. So true! I love your conclusion, “To live a good life, to expect the blessings of God, we must know, pray, and live His Word. Our best hope is our only hope–the Word of God! It saves us, sustains us, and secures us in His Kingdom.” Looking forward to your next entry!

    • Yes!! How easy it is for us to forget when we’re in the valleys of life that God’s Word has already seen us through!

  2. This truly blessed me. This is just confirmation for what God has been dealing with me about. I been praying that God change this, fix that, and the list goes on. If I seek Him first and be obedient He will work everything else out. He knows my needs…but I have to put Him first. Good word Sis! 🙂

    • You and me both! We know what to do, but sometimes getting it done seems impossible. That’s when God steps in!

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